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Top 4 Ways To Do RV Laundry

Living in an RV can be the adventure of a lifetime for some people. Having a home on wheels allows you to have the freedom and mobility to take your life on the road and save some serious cash. While living in an RV undoubtedly has its benefits, certain logistics can make everyday tasks like laundry quite difficult. Luckily, there are many alternatives to traditional in-home washers and dryers. Here are the top 4 ways to do RV Laundry.

Hand Washing

Hand washing is a tried and true laundry method for many RVers. It may take a little extra time, but hand washing can give you the same results as industrial machines if you use a few RV hacks. To easily hand wash your clothes, fill a tub with warm water and soap. Place the tub in your shower and place a small load of clothes into the tub. This method works best when you’re driving because the clothes will be moved around and tumbled in a similar fashion to washing machines while you’re on the road. When you reach your destination, remove the clothes and hang to dry.

Mini Machines

In modern times, RVers have access to tons of laundry alternatives that are mobile and easy to use. Portable machines are extremely lightweight and compact and are very efficient and effective. You can use these machines inside of your RV by hooking them up to a power source and faucet, or you can use them outside by connecting to an external power source and a garden hose. These machines can be a little on the pricey side, but many RVers believe it’s worth the investment. Click here to check out some of the best mini machine options.


Laundromats are by far the most popular option for RV laundry. Many laundromats have high-capacity machines and amenities that make doing laundry painless. At The Laundry Basket, we have over 40 high-capacity machines that can hold anywhere from two to eight loads of laundry. Refurbished to include a comfortable waiting area, free Wi-Fi, and the flexibility of cash or card payments, The Laundry Basket is the perfect destination for RVers looking to get all of their laundry done quickly and efficiently.

Wash/Dry/Fold Services

If you don’t have time to do your laundry yourself, many laundromats offer affordable drop-off services. The Laundry Basket offers professional wash/fold/dry services that allow you to drop off and pick up your laundry in just 10 minutes. Starting at $1.50/pound (ten-pound minimum), wash/dry/fold services enable you to skip the hassle of laundry day and leave it to the professionals for an affordable price.

While doing laundry from an RV may require a little bit more creativity and time, there are tons of convenient and affordable alternatives to traditional in-home washers and dryers. Come visit The Laundry Basket today or call (970) 484-4980 so that we can handle the laundry while you continue your adventure!

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