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We service the areas of Fort Collins and Loveland, Colorado, as well as all surrounding areas.
We offer a range of washer styles to cater to your unique needs. We have double and triple load washers, as well as four load, six load and eight load washers for your convenience. We also have triple load and five load dryers.
Yes. We provide a comprehensive wash/dry/fold service that offers you more convenience. Why take time out of your day to do your laundry when you can have an experienced team do it for you?
Yes. No matter how extensive your laundry needs are, our team can assist your business with all of your laundry requirements. We offer a cost effective and scalable service that takes the hassle out of laundry work.
Yes. Our washing machines are modern and powerful, providing extensive cleaning and drying services without the wait. We offer both self-service as well as full service washing and dying for your convenience.
If you have any more questions about the types of services we provide, our facilities or our hours of operation, you can contact our team by calling us at (970) 966-7342 for our Loveland location, or (970) 484-4980 for our Fort Collins location.

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FORT COLLINS: (970) 484-4980
LOVELAND: (970) 966-7342


925 S. Taft Hill Road, Fort Collins, 80521


281 E 29th St, Loveland, CO 80538

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8am – 9pm (Last wash in by 8pm)

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