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Loyalty Card

About Laundry Basket

Loyalty Card

Laundry may not be painless but it can be rewarding when you use our Laundry Basket Loyalty Card!

You are rewarded with 10 Loyalty Points for every dollar spent in our high speed, energy efficient Dexter washers.  Accumulate 300 points and $3.00 in value is automatically added to your card balance – that’s $3.00 in free laundry for every $30.00 spent via your Laundry Basket Loyalty Card.  Progress toward your point goal is displayed on the machine each time you swipe your card.

Another great perk of The Laundry Basket Loyalty Card is bonus money can be earned while loading your card! Check out our new bonus packages:

Don’t have a Laundry Basket Loyalty Card yet?  Just see our friendly attendant on duty and they will assist you in setting up your card! 

Contact Us

Thank you for contacting The Laundry Basket, the largest and best laundry facilities in Fort Collins and Loveland.


FORT COLLINS: (970) 484-4980
LOVELAND: (970) 966-7342


925 S. Taft Hill Road, Fort Collins, 80521


281 E 29th St, Loveland, CO 80538

Open Hours

8am – 9pm (Last wash in by 8pm)

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