Hanging your fresh laundry out to dry is one of life’s many simple pleasures. It can be so refreshing to put on a clean shirt or sleep on clean sheets that have been dried outside. They smell fresh, crisp and feel so cozy! However, this isn’t something you can often do during the rainy season. If you hang your clothes up outside, you risk them getting rained on and wet. On the other hand, if you hang them up inside, they may end up taking a long time to dry or smelling rather odd. Here are several tips for doing your laundry during the rainy season.

One way that you can ensure that your clothes dry thoroughly, even during the rainy season, is by doing smaller quantities of laundry. If you do a massive load of washing and try to dry it all at the same time inside, it is likely going to take much than it would be doing the laundry outside. This is why you should prioritize which laundry you do and when, so that you can make sure the laundry dries within a reasonable amount of time.

Another great way to ensure that your clothes dry thoroughly inside is by controlling the level of moisture inside your home as much as possible. One way to do so is by using dehumidifiers, which can make the air in the room much dryer. This means your clothes can dry quicker and more thoroughly. You can also hang your clothes up separately, which is advised when drying laundry in general. If you hang your clothes up too close to each other, then the lack of space prevents them from drying out properly or fully, and they can become musty.