Washing bed sheets and towels are a chore, and it also is an extra load of laundry. For this reason, many people avoid washing their towels and sheets. College students tend to justify this behavior in various ways. One common excuse for not washing a towel is “If I’m clean when I get out of the shower, then how dirty can a towel get?” Similar logic is used for sheets, especially for those select few who shower at night. If you are clean when you get into bed, then how dirty are your sheets actually getting? The truth is, though, sheets and towels both get dirty. In fact, not only can they get dirty, but they can also start to smell.

The Myth of Clean Towels

When you get of the shower, you are indeed much cleaner than before. However, this does not mean that your towel stays clean while drying off. Drying your skin with a towel not only wipes up the excess moisture from bathing, but it also collects dead skin cells. When showering, many people use washcloths or loofahs to exfoliate their skin. However, not all of the skin cells are going to wash down the drain. Even if you have the softest of towels, your skin cells are still being transferred to the towel. Additionally, many people ignore how they store their towels after use. Even hanging a towel on a rack in the bathroom is not enough to prevent your bath towel from staying damp. Eventually, this will lead to smelly mildew growing in the fabric. To be safe, it’s best to wash towels once a week, especially if they are used daily.

Clean Sheets Weekly

Just like bath towels, your sheets should also be washed on a weekly basis. Even if you shower before bed, you are still going to transfer dead skin cells to your pillowcases and sheets. Additionally, being under the covers at night can lead to sweating. This additional moisture is often absorbed overnight by your blankets, but that does not mean your sheets are staying clean. Washing your sheets weekly will keep your bed fresh. Also, if you have pets in your home, they are most certainly shedding hair in your bed. However, while you should wash your bedsheets and pillowcases weekly, you can probably skip washing the comforter until the end of the month. Top sheets and duvet covers are typically protected from collecting skin cells, hair, and sweat while you sleep.

In addition to keeping you and your home cleaner by washing your towels and sheets weekly, you will probably sleep better in a freshly made bed. Do yourself a favor and wash your sheets at The Laundry Basket.