Doing laundry can eat into your free time if you let it, but it doesn’t have to. With a strong laundry routine, wash day can be easy, quick and effective – and still leave you time to enjoy some free time.

Like most tasks, a routine simplifies wash day. You’ll save time, money and, after you get the laundry routine down, you’ll be more efficient. Although a successful laundry routine is different for everyone, knowing the basics will help you individualize yours to your wash day needs.

Schedule a Day for Your Laundry Routine

A regular schedule is bedrock for your laundry routine. Not only will it help with all your time-management challenges to have a stable wash day, you’ll avoid those laundry marathons that come after putting off wash for too long. A habitual wash day will also cut out all those “last pair of underwear” emergency wash days that come with an undisciplined laundry schedule.

Pre-Sort Clothes

If you’re sorting and washing your clothes by color according to our laundry tips, you can save additional time by sorting your clothes as you get undressed. Use a chambered hamper or separate loads into different baskets, and you’ll cut out significant sorting time in the long run.

Clean out Closets

It may not seem like it directly impacts your laundry routine, but cleaning out your closets and drawers will speed up the laundry process once you’re home. Clearing out clothes that are out of style, don’t fit or worn out from your wardrobe opens space to stow clothes, cutting out the wrestling match to pack clean clothes back into storage.

Go Large (Washers, That Is)

You save time and money when you take advantage of large-load washers. The Laundry Basket offers 10 triple load washers, 11 four-load washers, 6 six-load washers and 2 eight-load washers. When you’re doing a family’s laundry (or just waited too long between wash) you’ll cut load times and expenses with multi-load wash days.

Drop-Off Service As Your Laundry Routine

Maximize your wash day efficiency by letting The Laundry Basket handle your laundry. Our drop-off service takes only five minutes to drop it, five minutes to pick it up, and there’s ample parking at our location to make getting in and out simple.