There’s nothing like wearing clothing for the first time. It fits wonderfully and its colors are bright, vivid and impressive – so much that you may not want to wash it. Don’t fear the laundry, though: When washed correctly, you can take precautions to keep colors bright in the laundry.

Keeping colors bright in the laundry starts with reading your garment’s care instructions. Take the time to read wash instructions on the label, as manufacturers always provide tips on how to keep their clothes looking their best as long as possible. Take note (and follow) any special care instructions.

Know Your Temperatures

In most cases, wash your clothes in cold water. Hot water fades colors faster and can leech dyes from material. Cooler temperatures in the dryer are also recommended: High air temperature will fade color just like high water temperature will.

Sort It Out

Sorting your clothes into lights, darks and colors is important, even if you plan on washing them all in cold water. Dark color dye inevitably bleeds a tiny bit with each wash, and when washed with whites or colors, can diminish the vibrancy of colors and whites.

Wash Inside Out

Even when dyes aren’t fading, normal wear on fabric can cause colors to look faded: Pilling and small fraying saps the power out of a lot of colored fabrics. Washing and drying clothes inside out protects the visible surface of your clothes from unnecessary wash-related wear.

Add Vinegar

Vinegar is an affordable and effective household cleaner, and it’s also useful on wash day. Add a cup to every load for a natural solution to keep colors from fading.

Don’t Overstuff to Keep Colors Bright in the Laundry

Saving a few quarters in the laundry can reduce the lifespan of your clothes. Clothes in overstuffed washer don’t get washed and rinsed as well, and detergent can be left in the clothes. The Laundry Basket offers 29 extra-large washers, from triple-load to eight-load capacity, that are ready to handle large loads.

Need more hints about your laundry? The Laundry Basket is always attended during operating hours, and our staff is happy to help guide you to the best wash experience.