If your parents handled your wash growing up, you’ll likely need a crash course on laundry on your first wash day at college. While it can seem daunting, properly washing your clothes will be a snap once you master The Laundry Basket’s  for college student laundry tips.

A good sorting system is the foundation of any good wash day, and it’s often eaiser to sort your loads when you have the space at home rather than doing it at the laundry. Sort wash into four loads: whites, darks, lights and linens. If you’ve put off laundry until you have mountains of wash, break towels and jeans into a fifth load.

Use your sorting time to give your pockets one last go-through. A stray pen, lipstick or other item can have catastrophic consequences if it goes through the laundry. Finally, turn all T-shirts inside out to protect the graphics printed on them, and make sure all other clothing is turned right side out so water can get to it.

How to Wash Whites

Whites can be the hardest load to get clean, so use the hottest water available that won’t damage them.

How to Wash Darks

Hot water will fade blacks and dark greys and browns and you won’t need to get them gleaming bright like your whites. Reduce wear on your darks by washing them in cold water.

How to Wash Light Colors

Light colors can be finicky in the laundry. You may need warm water to dislodge stains and keep them looking their cleanest, but harsh temperatures are tough on their dyes. Wash them in warm water.

How to Wash Linens

Wash linens by themselves for best results, and use a wash temperature that’s appropriate for their color.

Dryer Tips

Avoid drying towels and other fuzzy items like fleece jackets in the same load as darks to reduce lint. Always keep wool out of dryers, and use a low temperature setting when drying acrylic fabrics.

Laundry is our specialty, so don’t hesitate to ask attendants when you’re here. The Laundry Basket is always attended and features coin- and card-operated machines for your convenience. College student laundry day is easy with help from our staff.

And if you really want to simplify your laundry chore, consider The Laundry Basket’s convenient Wash/Dry/Fold service. It just takes five minutes to drop off and five minutes to pick up, only ten minutes out of your busy day!